Appartements Familie Roiss

Distilled spirits

Heini's distilled spirits

National Champion 2003, 2005, 2006 and 2010.
Winner in specialised categories in 2006.

The landlord has been working on the production of distilled spirits for about 10 years. Last year (2011), our spirits received numerous awards at the National Contest for Juices, Unfermented Fruit Juices and Schnapps organized by the 'Obstbauverband Burgenland' (association for fruit growers in Burgenland).

Vogelbeerbrand (rowan berry) 2010 - national champion and gold medal
Hausbrand - Obstler 2009 - home-made-style spirit/ fruit schnapps - silver medal
Traubenbrand Traminer (grape) 2009 - bronze medal
Tresterbrand (mash) 2009
Zwetschkenbrand (plum) 2009 und 2010 - gold medal
Weingartenpfirsichbrand (vineyard peach) 2010 - bronze medal
Marillenbrand (apricot) 2009 - silver medal
Williamsbirne (William's pear) 2010 - bronze medal
Quittenbrand (quince) 2009 und 2010 - gold medal

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